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Band Members

Lisa Haze
Sultry chanteuse Lisa Haze is the voice of the Dr. Bones Band.
An accomplished entertainer, Lisa has had a respectable career. She's excelled in diverse entertainment mediums including music, film and television. She's had a Sony recording contract and has performed on television shows such as "Dynasty", "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Night Court". She's also been featured in several films including
"Legal Briefs", "Night Realm" and "Killing for Love". In addition,
Lisa is lead singer for the Rock and Roll Dance Band "SkallyWagz".
She also owns a children's entertainment company called
happiness unlimited. Check out her personal web site at lisahaze.com.

Dr. Bones
Joseph Palmieri IS "Dr. Bones".
Joe has been a fixture of the Los Angeles music scene for
most of his life. Diverse bands such as "VooDoo Roulette"
and "PayPer Dollz" paved the way for the current and popular
club band "SkallyWagz".That is the project that introduced
him to amazing singer and collaborator Lisa Haze.
A shared love of the songs and style of the Golden Age of Music
led them to form "Lisa Haze and the Dr. Bones Band"

Wild Bill Sotelo
Born in Los angeles, William "Wild Bill" Sotelo started playing professionally at 14. He has appeared on a local TV show hosted by Elliot Mintz (friend & confidant to John Lennon). Bill came up through the LA music scene in late seventies & thru the eighties reveling in the New Wave & Post Wave eras. He has opened for bands like Van Halen, Motels, Blasters, Missing Persons, Plimsouls, Go-Go's, Bangles.. etc. and toured Europe with the band "Close Encounter".
Bill and his electric upright bass "Molly" are a
perfect addition to the Dr. Bones Band.

Shadow Salazar
"Who knows what rhythms live in the hearts of mankind?"....
"the Shadow knows!"
Mark "Shadow" Salazar was born and raised in LA. Mark comes from a family of musicians, dancers, and artists. He has been playing drums all his life, and recorded his first drum track at age six. Some recent projects include the popular bands “Cynthia & her Sweet Potatoes” and "The Goods". How did Mark earn the moniker "Shadow"?
Just like a shadow, when you look around, he's always right there with the music, beat for beat.


Jerald Gray
Over 25 years of experience in the Music Industry of Los Angeles and Las Vegas have made Jerald Gray master of the Tenor and Bass Trombones. Various and Diverse projects such as "Built for Comfort", "Stan West", "Substance A" and the "Riverside Symphony Orchestra" have molded Jerald into one the the premier horn players in Southern California and a perfect addition to the
Dr. Bones Band.


J. Scott Strathmann
"Scotty" Strathmann is the consummate horn player. Whether it's Trumpet, Trombone, or Tuba, his skill and sense of artistry are evident whenever you hear him perform. His resume includes shows with Parliment Funkadelic and some of the best musicians in Los Angeles from bands like Chicago, Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, Manhattan Transfer and Harry James. He's played at the Playboy Mansion and the Playboy Jazz Festival as well as opening for BB King, Billy Idol and Ziggy Marley. When the Dr. Bones Band found Scotty, they knew
it was a perfect fit!

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